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Lil Miss Valentine, A Labor of Love

Kuwahi Dolls Joy Forever First Edition BJD Valentine Doll
Lil Miss Valentine Joy Forever Limited Edition BJD

Lil Miss Valentine is our newest Limited Edition BJD from the Joy Forever First Edition Collection. This beautiful doll is the result of many months of my sculpting and refining one chunk of clay into the slim, little form of a five-year-old child that you see here.

After a long journey across the seas and several redo’s and refinements, a master mold was created from my sculpt and used to cast sample dolls for approval. Once the back and forth adjustments and manufacturing delays were over, this dolls were cast in high-quality resin and shipped back to us in the United States. Thus, Joy Forever was born.

Joy Forever First Edition Dolls arrive to us with no factory paint, wig or clothing. These details are added in the Kuwahi Dolls Studio upon arrival. I instructed the manufacturer to leave the eye sockets filled in, this enables me to continue to use the eye-painting skills I have honed over the past 20 plus years. Hand-painting the eyes of my dolls allows for a varied number of sweet, childlike expressions which are unique and in many ways, one of a kind. My painting skills are also utilized to contour, shade, body blush, and manicure the nails. The painted areas of each doll are sprayed with a UV sealant to help protect the paint.

Joy Forever First Edition Dolls are 11 inches tall with a petite build and tiny waist. They are 100% hard resin which has the look and feel of porcelain but with a greatly reduced risk of breakage. These dolls are ball-jointed which allow them to stand, sit, and obtain numerous realistic poses.

Lil Miss Valentine (pictured above) is a Joy Forever Special Limited Edition of 5. Each exquisite girl is hand-painted with a hand-made Tibetan lamb skin wig , leather shoes and a special Valentine dress created in Kuwahi Doll Studio. You may visit my website store at to reserve your own Lil Miss Valentine to be delivered by Valentines day.

Check back with us and subscribe on our website to view blogs in the coming weeks containing information regarding:

- Caring for your resin Joy Forever BJD (all about cleaning, stringing, posing and changing parts on your doll).

- Where to obtain wigs and shoes for your Joy Forever Doll, sizing information, and how to care for your wigs.

- Clothing and sewing patterns for Joy Forever and similar size dolls, how to resize patterns and basic free patterns for your doll.

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Hey, Joyce and Amy, I love seeing your new dolls, what a great adventure for you two. I wish you had done this when I was younger and still collecting and had more money. Looking forward to seeing y'all in August!



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