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My name is Joyce Mathews

My love for dolls began while making hollyhock dolls from flowers as a child. As an adult, I gained an appreciation for sculpting and painting porcelain dolls. My passion for the art of doll making afforded me the privilege of meeting and taking classes from the world-renowned artist, Dianna Effner. For the past 14 + years, I've had the honor of painting Dianna's Little Darling's and selling them across the globe.

In 2022 my decades of sculpting finally led me to create my own line of dolls, Joy Forever. These dolls bring a great sense of accomplishment as they have been a long-time in the making. I will continue to paint Effner dolls as long as I possess the steady hand and sharp eyes I've been blessed with. I am delighted to add a bit of my own sculpts from talent gleaned from the experience and long practice of painting Dianna's beautiful dolls.  

My daughter Amy assists me with my website and orders and is always happy to answer your questions. We thank you for viewing our site and look forward to helping you obtain the doll of your dreams.

Best Wishes,
Joyce Mathews

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