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Kuwahi Wigs Presents

Sweet Treats Collection

On Our Shelves

A Beautiful Selection

Joy Forever Ball-Jointed Dolls

These beautiful resin dolls are sculpted and

hand-painted by Joyce Mathews. Joy Forever BJD's are costumed using premium fabric, materials and accessories crafted

in-studio and from across the globe.

With 14 movable joints, each doll has the ability to be positioned in multiple, lifelike poses.

Dianna Effner Dolls

Dianna Effner Little Darling #1,#2,#3,#4, Little Darling BJD, Boneka, and Lil Dreamer Dolls are sculpted by Dianna Effner and

hand-painted by Joyce Mathews of Kuwahi Doll Studio. Little Darling's are available for custom order by placing a wait-list request. All other Diana Effner dolls can be purchased in our online shop and on Etsy.  

High Quality Doll Wigs

Our wigs are made of the highest quality mohair, synthetic mohair and human hair. They are offered in multiple styles and colors. Each wig is hand-styled and packaged in house, at Kuwahi Doll Studio. 

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