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Joy Forever First Edition BJD Autumn

Joy Forever First Edition BJD Autumn


Doll Type: Joy Forever First Edition, 11 inch, Ball Jointed Doll (BJD), the original sculpt from Joyce Mathews in polymer clay was sent to our manufacuturer where a mold was made and professionally cast to create this First Edition BJD. These BJD's have 14 points of articulation that allow for staging in expressive poses. Autumn was cast in a light tone resin that has been blushed in the right places. Her nails are manicured and her thoughtful blue eyes are hand-painted.


Artist: Sculpted and Hand-Painted by Joyce Mathews of Kuwahi Dolls. Eyes and facial features are hand-painted using the skills taught by Dianna Effner.


Wig and Costume:  Autumn's wig was created by Olga Kuznetsova and is silky angora with a beautiful sheen that looks and feels natural. Her delicate dress, slip and panties are made by Kuwahi Dolls. Autumn  would love to enrich your collection and become a lasting source of Joy.


A thing of beauty is a "Joy Forever" - John Keats

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